• Kai Vacher

#9 Why schools (and societies) need authentic leadership

Trust in our leaders is dangerously low right now – and it’s at times like these that school leaders can be beacons of hope, says Kai Vacher.

Leadership has never been a hotter topic. Distrust of those at the top seems to be at an all-time high, with politicians and high-profile chief executives repeatedly found to be lacking integrity.

People want to be led by someone real; an authentic leader.

But what does that mean? How do authentic leaders lead and behave? How can we distinguish the authentic leader from the tyrant?

These questions are important when we are looking for the leaders of a country, but they are just as crucial when we think about the leaders of our schools.

Please follow this link to read Kai Vacher’s article in full on the TES website

(This article was originally published in TES in September 2019)

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